Soldier 214384 - France and Flanders


There is probably but a handful of men of the 2nd Battalion with us today. Most would be 100 years old or better. (Note - this was written in 1997.) In the years since the guns of the Great War have been silenced, the ranks of the 2nd have thinned. Nearly 15 years have passed since Private Ira Kilbourne Arnott, Regimental Number 214384, passed on. Yet the sacrifices that he and the gallant men of his generation made should never be forgotten.

L. T. McLauglin (Lieut. Colonel), Commanding Officer of the 2nd Battalion, from Dec. 1917 until demobilization, put it so eloquently in 1947.

"Nor can we fail to pay tribute to our devoted comrades who, in France and Belgium, consecrated that foreign soil with their blood. Dead, they yet live, for their memory will never fade and the glory of their deeds will live forever. They march, an eternal host, their deathless tread resounding down the ages of time, their echoes rolling through the centuries, unconfined by time or place; and so they continue to march so long as heaven and earth endure."

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