I'm married with three children and four grandchildren and I live in the West Midlands (Central England.)

On August 4th, 1964, the fiftieth anniversary of the outbreak of the war, I was on holiday and read a newspaper article commemorating the event.  So, looking for something to read on holiday, I went into a bookshop and bought my first Great War book - "In Flanders Fields" by Leon Wolff.   I was 17 years old.  I already had lots of interest in the Great War, however.  I knew that my grandfather had volunteered in 1915, and that he had been captured in 1918.  I grew up surrounded by people who had lived through the war years so it was no surprise that I learned from them.  The truth is that I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't know about the Great war.

I left school in 1966, worked as an unqualified teacher for a couple of years, did my teacher training and began work as a qualified teacher in 1971.  My teaching career lasted until 1999.

Around 1996 I discovered the Internet and opened a dialup account with Demon Internet.  Demon decided to give each of its customers a free bit of web-space, along with guidance on how to produce a website, so I had a go and the result was the first version of Hellfire Corner.

In 1999 I left teaching and began working towards a new career as a battlefield guide.  I'd already visited the battlefield many times.  Nowadays my guiding is done for two companies - NST, a company specialising in UK school visits to the battlefields, and Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours, an Australian company for whom I usually guide adult groups.   I visit the battlefields a lot, of course, but I never tire of them.  

I've had to update my picture several times during the 25-year life of
Hellfire Corner.   I now look like this.

I hope you will enjoy HELLFIRE CORNER and keep visiting.

Copyright  Tom Morgan, December 2013

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