Charles Fair's Battlefield Guide

Charles Fair is an Englishman who, while living and working in Paris, used his spare time to visit Great War sites. Using Paris as his base, he visited sites which do not usually feature in most Western Front Guidebooks published in the UK.

The series of articles which Charles produced is therefore very significant, because it draws our attention to important sites, well worth visiting, which we might otherwise never have heard of.

I am grateful to Charles  for deciding that Hellfire Corner is a worthy "home" for his work.

This page is the starting-point for Charles's series of articles.  I'm sure that visitors will want to bookmark the page and visit often.

Charles Fair's Introduction to the Series of Articles

It is not my intention to describe already well known sites in great detail.  However I will draw attention to my main references (Before Endeavours Fade, The Michelin Guides, and the new Premiere Guerre Mondiale des Flandres a L'Alsace) where such sites are described, as well as other references I have used. I prefer to say more about the less well known (to the British) parts of the front, particularly the French sectors, and the Somme for example will not feature often.

I will also say which of the IGN maps I have found useful. In general the 1:100,000 (green series) are the best for route finding and general exploration. IMHO they mark up historical sites and relief features much better than the 1:200,000 Michelin series. The IGN 1:25,000 series is the best for detailed exploration in conjunction with trench maps, unit histories etc.

Battles of the Retreat


The Oise


The Marne 1914 and 1918




Argonne and Verdun


Alsace and the Vosges Mountains


Paris and Versailles


Behind the Lines


Old Haunts Revisited
 by Major C. H. Fair - 1920


Guise - August 29th, 1914  


Chantilly and Senlis

THE MARNE 1914 AND 1918

Nery, "L" Battery and the Taxis of the Marne

Some Other Little-Known 1914 Areas

The Marne 1914 - Battle of the St. Gond Marshes

The Marne 1914 and 1918 -La Ferte-sous-Jouarre to Chateau- Thierry  

The Marne 1914 and 1918 - Some Sites just South of Soissons

The Marne 1914 and 1918 - Villers Cotterets and the Foret de Retz  

The Second Battle of the Marne - 1918


The Reims Forts

The Lost Villages of the Camp de Suippes


The Argonne Forest

The Butte de Vauquois  

1918 Meuse-Argonne Offensive - Some U.S. Army Sites  

Two Forts near Verdun  


En route to Alsace: the Haute-Marne and Haute-Saone  

The Southern Vosges  

The right of the (allied) line: Between the Vosges and the Swiss border  


Some Great War Sites in Paris - 5th Arrondissement  

Some Great War Sites in Paris - 7th Arrondissement

Some Great War Sites in Paris - 8th Arrondissement

Some Great War Sites in Paris - 14th Arrondissement  

Some Great War Sites in Paris - 15th Arrondissement  

Some Great War Sites in Paris - 16th Arrondissement  

Some Great War Sites in Paris - 20th Arrondissement

Environs of Paris - Outside the Peripherique

November 11th - Sites around Versailles

More Sites in the Versailles Area




Brittany - Part 2

Pays de la Loire

Pays de la Loire - Part 2

Lyon and Provence

Friedrichshafen, Germany - The Zeppelin Museum

All articles accessed from this page Copyright © Charles Fair, 1997.

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